Chat with Professor Gilbertstein

We planted our special seeds yesterday and were amazed to come into school this morning to find this…

We were very lucky this afternoon to talk to a specialist on plants and ask him all our questions on the vibrant viridor.

Live Blog Professor Gilbertstein: Vibrant Viridor

Year 3 Discover Mysterious Seeds

We came into school today to find a newspaper article all about some mysterious seeds that have been found at Russell Scott school by some builders.

The unusual seeds, which look unlike any seeds we have seen before, were in a capsule and it is thought that they could have been there for years.

We investigated the seeds this morning and then worked on writing questions to ask a plant expert later in the week.

Have a look at our padlet and add any questions of your own to it.

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Magic Beans

This morning, Year 3 discovered some magic beans. They were brought to us by builders digging in the school playground. The beans look very unusual and seem to be from an alien planet. A newspaper report hot off the press was delivered which gave us some clues.

We were bursting with questions about the mysterious beans. Here are some examples.

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Bar Chart Investigations

3H worked together to interpret different question about bar charts. They even came up with their own. They worked so well together supporting and helping each other reach the answers to tricky questions.

World Book Day 2017

What a fantastic day! Everyone put in an enormous effort with their costumes and looked absolutely amazing! Thank you to all of you for taking part.

We enjoyed out costume parade and competition in the hall and did lots of fun reading activities including bar charts in maths to find out our favourite authors and making bookmarks. Very excitingly, one of 3H was liked by David Walliams on Twitter for her Gangsta Granny costume!

Who helps us?

Today in our RE lesson, we learnt that lots of different people around the world believe that God helps them when they are in need. We discussed this idea and shared our thoughts about who helps us when we are in need.

We shared our ideas on the Padlet below:


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Who helps us?

Today in RE, we learnt that many people believe that God helps them when they are in need. We had a discussion and shared our ideas about who helps us in our lives.

Have a look at our Padlet where we shared our ideas.


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Marvellous Mummifying

In our topic lessons, we have been learning all about Egypt and how the Egyptians lived. We found out about how Egyptians used to mummify bodies to preserve them and prepare them for the afterlife. We had a go at mummifying oranges.