Visit to St Lawrence’s church

On Thursday, pupils in year 3 visited the church to learn about the sacrament of marriage. We took part in a friendship ceremony and some of us dressed up. We had a wonderful time.

Fluffy Visitors 🐤

On Wednesday, we had some fluffy visitors to our classroom. We got to hold and learn about ducklings which had just hatched.

Lowry Sketches

This half term we have been looking at L.S Lowry in our art classes and his paintings of industrial Manchester. His paintings include images of houses, factories, mills shops and churches around the city. Today we had a go at sketching some and next week we will start painting our own versions.

Working in Cotton Mills

We found a diary entry from a young girl called Eliza. The diary told us that sadly, Eliza had to stop going to school and go and work in a cotton mill instead so she could earn money for her family.

Today we did some research all about children working in the cotton mills in Victorian England. Have a look at some of the facts we found below.

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Samba Performance

Thank you for everyone who came to support Year Three’s Samba Performance and to Mr Blackwell who organised the event.

Chat with Professor Gilbertstein

We planted our special seeds yesterday and were amazed to come into school this morning to find this…

We were very lucky this afternoon to talk to a specialist on plants and ask him all our questions on the vibrant viridor.

Live Blog Professor Gilbertstein: Vibrant Viridor

Year 3 Discover Mysterious Seeds

We came into school today to find a newspaper article all about some mysterious seeds that have been found at Russell Scott school by some builders.

The unusual seeds, which look unlike any seeds we have seen before, were in a capsule and it is thought that they could have been there for years.

We investigated the seeds this morning and then worked on writing questions to ask a plant expert later in the week.

Have a look at our padlet and add any questions of your own to it.

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